Swansea Creative Focus Advent Calendar
Day Five: 05/12/2019

It matters how we treat our guests, as individuals and as a community. When they tell us they’ve been made to feel welcome, it’s something to be proud of.

One in twenty Welsh residents and one in ten Swansea residents were born outside the UK. Some are students, some are entrepreneurs who have found not only a new home but a place to build a business, and some are artists who’ve found peace, inspiration and freedom of expression.

Tonight at Swansea University, Eric Ngalle Charles will offer an eloquent voice to those who have crossed oceans and borders to settle in South Wales, with a film based on his work being screened at the Taliesin Arts Centre.

This Is Not A Poem tells the story of his life as a migrant and the journey that led him here. Now a highly respected poet, actor and dramatist and a member of the Board of Directors of Literature Wales, Eric was born in Cameroon. After leaving West Africa he spent two years living in poverty in Russia before finding his way to South Wales. Channelling his sense of displacement into his work, Eric has published six poetry anthologies to widespread acclaim. He has reached out to others who, like him, were forced to leave their native countries in painful circumstances and found themselves seeking acceptance in new surroundings while also cherishing memories of home.

Swansea has a rich history of welcoming new friends and encouraging them to make the most of their talent. Are you one of them? Tell us your story. Tell us how your life has been shaped and your talent nurtured by your new home, and how you’d like to help shape this region for the 2020s.

We want to hear your voice. We want you to be included.

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