What Do You Want For The Future Of South West Wales?

4theRegion is on a mission to help make change happen across Neath Port Talbot, Swansea, Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire.  We bring together individuals, businesses, community groups, campaigners and changemakers who are doing great things in the region, and who want to collaborate to help shape the future. 

We think people, communities and businesses should have a voice.  We think the region needs a shared vision of what we want.  And we don’t think it’s right when big decisions are made behind closed doors by small groups of people, without engagement or involvement.


We’re a small team with a big vision for South West Wales. The future of this region is in all our hands.


Our members share a commitment to South West Wales and are collaborating to make positive change happen.


We run exciting events that reframe the conversation, break down silos and enable collaboration.


Empowering Future Generations

A series of conversations across the region championing the well-being of future generations and the move to a circular economy, showcasing the businesses, organisations and individuals who are leading the way.

Everyone Matters

The Race Equality & Social Justice Conference champions diversity, inclusion and equality in South West Wales, helping to ensure we are creating a safe, welcoming and prosperous region for everyone.

It's Your Swansea - Be Part Of It

The Swansea City Centre Conference brings together everyone who cares about the future of the city, and gives everyone a voice in helping to shape the future.