Creating a Community of Changemakers, For the Region

4theRegion is bringing together people and organisations that want to make good things happen for South West Wales.  We connect people, run events, facilitate conversations and lead projects in six priority areas:

Buy Regional

If businesses and organisations in this region buy more from each other, we can keep more wealth here in South West Wales, develop our supply chain, and create more opportunities for people and local businesses.

Destination & Tourism

Tourism is a key economic driver for the region.  An integrated, sustainable travel network is essential to prosperity and well-being.  We want to help partners collaborate better across the region to develop both.

Well-being Region

In a fast changing world, we think well-being will be the battleground of the next 10 years, and successful places will be those that build prosperity by prioritising people, health, quality of life, the environment and equality.

Development & Investment

Regeneration is something we should all do together.  How can we ensure that major regional projects are designed and delivered in a way that provides economic and social benefits for the region over the long term?

Circular Economy

A circular economy is restorative and regenerative by design. We must move away from our linear economy (make, use, dispose), closing the loop to conserve resources and ensure long term sustainability.

Creative Economy

The creative economy is everything that relates to human creativity and ideas, IP, knowledge and technology. How can we support more creativity and innovation across our economy?

After 18 months of engagement across the region, with businesses, organisations and individuals, 4theRegion is pleased to announce the six areas of impact around which people want to see action.  These are the key themes and topic areas emerging from over 100 conversations with diverse groups, and reflect a shared vision and a collective sense of purpose, for the region.

4theRegion is an independent membership organisation run by Zoe Antrobus and Dawn Lyle, helping to make change happen for South West Wales.  We want to help individuals, communities, businesses and organisations to connect and get involved in building a new economy and a thriving future, #4theRegion

Who We Are

4theRegion is a membership organisation representing regional businesses, community groups and change-makers across South West Wales.  4theRegion is funded by membership subscriptions and sponsorship of the events we run.  We are not publicly funded or contracted to any public organisation. The company was founded independently by local entrepreneurs to take over from Swansea Bay Futures which closed in December 2017.

Zoe Antrobus

Zoe Antrobus

Founder & Managing Director

Zoe worked for Swansea Bay Futures for 6 years prior to launching 4theRegion as an independent venture.  Previously, Zoe has worked in marketing and business development at Swansea University and Morgan Cole Solicitors.  She has extensive experience of planning and running large events and exhibitions across the UK.  Zoe’s super power is connecting people and building relationships.

Dawn Lyle

Dawn Lyle

Founder & Chair

Dawn runs Swansea-based iCreate, a 3D flythrough and visual communications company working with many of the region’s major partners and developers.  She sat on the board of Swansea Bay Futures for 10 years, as well as serving on the board of Swansea Bay Business Club and the Swansea Foundation.  Dawn is a certified Appreciative Enquiry facilitator with the Flourishing Leadership Institute.

Connecting the Region

We are connecting the region through our events, campaigns and digital platforms.  We’re asking everyone who lives in South West Wales (and yes, that means you) to join the network and be part of the movement for change.

Enabling Collaboration

The best potential we have of transforming the region is to involve more people, and to collaborate across silos.  We enable productive collaboration through our Regional Priorities platform and in-person events and meetings.

12-Step Methodology

Our 12-step approach to making change happen is simple, replicable and cyclical, for use in any context where the goal is to engage more people, crowdsource wisdom, empower changemakers, and co-create shared outcomes.

Our Values

We believe this region needs a new approach to regional engagement, a shared vision, a circular economy, crowd sourcing of wisdom, co-production of solutions, and a strategy to unlock the potential of the region.

Our Members

4theRegion is a membership association funded by the subscriptions of independent businesses, organisations and individual changemakers.  Our members share a passion for South West Wales and a commitment to helping to grow the regional economy so that it works better for everyone.